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Our New Product: 
                  Speed Plus 9.0 Best ERP Software

Unicode : Supports 26 Languages. Configure Complete Software Interface as per Your Regional Language. Be It Hindi, Gujarati, Tamil, Bengali, Punjabi, Marathi, Gujarati, Nepali, Arabic, Chinese, Russian, French, Portuguese, Japanese, Spanish.Ultimate Speed :Speed Plus 9.0 backed with robust db engine that in turn makes it the fastest software.

World First Unicode ERP Software With Multiple Language Support 

"ERP In Your Own Language"

Attractive Dashboard 

Software Features
Get access to the GST compliant accounting module that assists with the accurate accounting and bookkeeping of the retail business.

Inventory Management
Zest Plus 2.0offers high-end inventory supervision features. It assists in checking the movement of goods, setting low-stock alerts, understanding the inventory, etc. This feature allows you to improve your stock management. 

Financial Management
The financial management feature helps in producing cash flow statements and improving your expenditures smartly. 

Label Printing
This ERP software offers customized label printing feature for retailers. 

Cheque Printing
Retailers are enabled to print personalized cheques.

Zest Plus 2.0facilitates seamless integration with the ongoing APIs. 

Billing & Invoicing
The software offers GST compliant billing and invoicing. It also saves all the bills in the system for future reconciliation. 

Sales Management
Zest Plus 2.0helps in the improvement of sales and ensures a great user experience. 

Tax Management
The software has features that business owners can use to compute and file their taxes. 

Reporting & Analytics

Zest Plus 2.0 generates reports on various attributes of the retail operations. It helps in identification of pain points and enhancements in workflow.

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